Хоккейная клюшка Warrior EVO Grip Jr

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Take the Evo shaft, marry it to the Evo blade, and what do you have? Perfection on a stick. Combine the Axy-Sym asymmetrical shaft with its Linear Taper flex for a more fluid, smooth shot, customized for a lefty or righty, with the D-Light core blade with its shock absorbing X-Weave fibers to give you top-level puck control and you suddenly have the ability to completely dominate right in the palm of your hands. Which is the whole point, right? The tradition has evolved.


Shafts made with Warrior's exclusive Linear Taper design feature a longer and smoother flex reaction. It allows a larger area of the stick to bend rather than concentrating the energy into the bottom of the stick only, creating a very long flex arc. This flex arc increases accuracy and predictability on shaft load and provides the utmost in balanced energy transfer into the puck, benefiting players with heavy shots looking for more accuracy.


Molded stick in two separate processes where shaft and blade are fused by heat and pressure in lower area of stick. This connection process leads to consistent flex and increased torsional strength.


New shaft design using multilateral and omnidirectional fiber placement to reinforce the shaft internally and protect it from cracking or fatigue. Continuous fibers create a network of carbon strands that help resist slash or puck impact.


Warrior's proprietary elite construction package is the ultimate combination of light weight and and power. High-modulus, low-weight aerospace-grade laminate provides strength under extreme flex, and most efficient energy transfer.


Using a double-density internal polymer core, D-Lite Technology allows for a very stable heel and base area which transitions to a very light and springy mid-toe area. The center of gravity of the blade is also moved closer to the heel area, which makes the blade feel lighter but does not affect stability at impact. Taper hosel area is hollow, allowing for more weight savings. Additional aramid internal blade cap helps impact durability and prolongs blade life. Reinforced contract strip increases impact


ExploWeave® tech upper prevents upper stretching and wear, which simultaneously allowing for greater explosion.


This finish lowers the degree of hand grip from Soft Grip, but also allows for a separate hand feel on the shaft. Crushed Velvet is perfect for the player who would like a feel between Clear and Soft Grip with just enough tension and a nice soft finish up and down the shaft.

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